Pneumatic Caster Steel Platform Cart Supplier (Loading 300 KG)

Heavy duty industrial platform cart with pneumatic wheel absorb shock.

Pneumatic Caster Steel Platform Cart Supplier (Loading 300 KG) - Heavy duty industrial platform cart with pneumatic wheel absorb shock.
  • Pneumatic Caster Steel Platform Cart Supplier (Loading 300 KG) - Heavy duty industrial platform cart with pneumatic wheel absorb shock.
  • Heavy duty steel made push cart special design for Industrial use.
  • All terrain pneumatic wheels ideal for outdoor ground.

Pneumatic Caster Steel Platform Cart Supplier (Loading 300 KG)


660 lbs Capacity Folding Non-slip Perimeter Bumper Industrial Flatbed Push Cart

WOODEVER engineers with sturdy steel plate along with extra-large pneumatic wheels. Average massive production lead time will be around 50 days. It is bit longer than average due to special craft of industrial level platform and pneumatic rubber wheels. Heavy-duty platform trolley is widely exported worldwide.

The foldable push cart features anti-skid PVC pad on platform so things will not slide around the bed during transport, secure items safely. In addition, perimeter bumper on the platform cover sharp edge reduces the possibility to scuff things around, or scratch the people nearby, keep away from risk of injury and save extra damage spending.

Equipping pneumatic wheels absorb shock and reduce vibration; also scaled up to raise the entire platform, reducing scuff and bruise on the bottom, the bearing of wheels is galvanized, making it not easy to corrode or rust. All specially designed for outdoor terrain, to use on grass, mud, gravel ground, and other bumping roads. Two wheels are rotatable for easy maneuverability, with brake prevent automatically move while loading heavy objects, strengthening the protection in the workplace.

Item NumberMaterialSizeN.WLoading Capacity
WE2012-PTPFrame: Steel
Plate: Steel
Wheel: TPR + PP
Anti-slip: PVC
Open size: L90 x W60 x H92 cm
Fold size: L90 x W60 x H30 cm
Platform size: L90 x W60 cm
Wheel size: 8 inches (25.5cm)
Anti-slip pad size: L79 x W49.5 cm
Carton size: L93 x W63 x H20 cm
21.2KG300KG (661.4 lbs)
Minimum Order Quantity

500 Pieces

  • Industrial 300KG heavy duty.
  • Anti-skid pad prevent things sliding on platform.
  • Foldable handle bar easy store away or keep in a car trunk.
  • All terrain shock absorb pneumatic wheels.
  • Perimeter bumper on the platform cover sharp edge.
  • Swivel caster wheel with brakes 360° stable maneuver.
  • Quick installation wrench included.
  • Garden heavy-duty objects moving. Flower pots, soil, tools, etc.
  • Office documents, facilities moving and setting.
  • Warehouse handling solution.
  • Instrument moving tools for shows and concerts. Like speakers, amps, and drums.
  • Helper for bulky construction materials moving.
  • Company goods delivery and handling.
Product Customization
  • The number of components can be adjusted or add extra accessories according to your requirement, like caster, bolt, elastic rope, and more, also available for order alone as replacement or stock for immediate use.

Customized hand truck component such as caster TPR wheel, bolt hard wear, wrench hand tool

  • To allow customers to grasp every single great opportunity, WOODEVER is capable to implement mass customization. OEM production will conduct based on your detailed drawing or script. For ODM project will have cross-sections management to complete customized hand trolley from structure design, prototype, tooling, sampling test to massive production.

custom-made hand truck, platform cart and hand trolley for stair

  • Existing hand truck packaging incapable of fulfilling your ideas? We can provide own design or personal LOGO on the different types of packaging like the color sleeve, sticker, display carton, etc. We are capable to design packaging artwork if required.

various type packaging of hand truck in massive production

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WOODEVER continue to innovate and customize manual handling tools to satisfy OEM/ODM demand for business customers. From full customization of product design to partly packaging design of private logo, we are capable to produce customized hand trucks according to each client’s request in massive production.

Pneumatic Caster Steel Platform Cart Supplier (Loading 300 KG) | Heavy-Duty Hand Truck | Folding Platform Cart | Step Ladder Manufacturer | WOODEVER

WOODEVER INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., since 2003, is a Pneumatic Caster Steel Platform Cart Supplier (Loading 300 KG) | handtruck, cart and step ladder supplier and manufacturer based in Taiwan and manufacturing in China with BSCI certification.

WOODEVER's folding platform cart, the wide and sturdy steel or aluminum platform is normally 100 - 300 kg loading capacity and the range is approved by TUV with GS mark. Each component of the steel hand truck, including bolt, rivet and plastic parts, are precise. Patented design 2-in-1 Step Ladder & Cart features two indispensable functions; it holds 135 kg as a step ladder, and has a maximum loading capacity of 90 kg as a cart. Both are available for home improvement and commercial applications.

WOODEVER has been offering customers high-quality handtruck, cart and step ladde, both with advanced technology and over 15 years of experience, WOODEVER ensures each customer's demands are met.