All types of platform carts, service carts, utility carts, and multi-shelves trainers in plastics, stainless steel, and aluminum material. | Discover WOODEVER’s Durable and Versatile Material Handling Equipment

Best carts for garden use, tools storage or industrial transportation | multifunction carts for efficient logistics

All types of platform carts, service carts, utility carts, and multi-shelves trainers in plastics, stainless steel, and aluminum material.


Best carts for garden use, tools storage or industrial transportation

WOODEVER’s platform cart is featuring foldable design and stowed away quick and easy. Adopt highest level of material keeps quality and functionality at good condition. With folding handle, our platform hand truck is able to reduce size for more container loading, plus lightweight material for compact carry and equip portable feature.

WOODEVER’s platform truck takes advantage of various material: metal platform cart and plastic folding cart, adopt qualified material. Our platform carts come in multiple size, designs for wide application, building up with sturdy structure enables safety and stability of use can move practically anything. Full range of platform cart and dolly manufactured in production plant of our BSCI certified factory, every single cart fully inspected before packed and loading for shipment delivery, ensuring the quality meet the stander of customer. We are willing to provide related quality certification for, please contact us for further confirmation.

A hand cart dolly is a manual transport tool, moving horizontally and flat in appearance and, composited by platform with four wheels attached, with wide surface, cart dolly is wide range of application for manual handling solution. From large item such as furniture, medical equipment and computer machine, or small loose item in supermarket and grocery industry to warehouse and exhibition.

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The category below are various types of four wheels push cart. Please click link for more models, and feel free to contact us. We are willing to answer any questions you may have regarding our products, services, and other manual handing tools.


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Folding Platform Carts - OEM service for different types of platform carts featuring: adjustable platform and handle with the loading capacity ranging from 150kg (330lbs) to 300 kg (660lbs). WOODEVER professional Folding Platform Carts, supplying the global large-scale store platform, exporting flatbed folding hand truck cart for more than 20 years of experience, to provide high-quality one-stop folding hand truck service.
Folding Platform Carts

Platform carts, also known as platform trucks, flatbed carts, platform trolleys, platform...

Luggage & Shopping Carts - WOODEVER Folding Shopping Trolley Hand Truck , Luggage Cart, Travel Trolley, Camping Trolley provides quality global B2B one-stop service, the hand truck factories are located in Vietnam and China, can be highly flexible customized OEM and ODM services, suitable for global corporate gifts or family home daily use.
Luggage & Shopping Carts

Luggage & Shopping Cart is an individual product range for grocery shopping and daily life...

Stainless Steel Cart - Stainless steel trolleys are corrosion resistant and suitable for transporting highly corrosive chemicals.
Stainless Steel Cart

WOODEVER stainless steel trolleys are available in a wide range of options to suit different...

Steel and Plastic Wheelbarrow - WOODEVER wheelbarrow specialized in manufacturing factories in Vietnam and China, providing high quality wheelbarrows to global B2B trolley hand truck hardware industrial garden buyers, with high flexibility of customized OEM and ODM services, suitable for general daily household and construction site logistics use.
Steel and Plastic Wheelbarrow

As a trusted manufacturer of wheelbarrows, WOODEVER offers a range of high-performing wheelbarrows...

Garden Carts - WOODEVER Vietnam Trolley Handtruck Manufacturing & Wholesale Factory provides brand new garden cart styles, highly flexible customized OEM & ODM global one-stop B2B service, providing the best handtruck solutions for global customers.
Garden Carts

We are dedicated to providing high-quality, durable, and flexible hand truck solutions, and have...

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Carts | WOODEVER: Your Ultimate Source for Steel and Aluminum Ladders & Carts

Woodever Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading Taiwanese manufacturer specializing in material handling equipment. With over 20 years of experience, they offer customized solutions including Carts, hand trucks, platform trucks, step trucks, folding trucks, and multi-function trucks. Their products are essential to industries such as logistics, retail, and hospitality, improving the efficiency and safety of operations.

WOODEVER Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality material handling equipment. Specializing in products made of heavy-duty steel, stainless steel and lightweight aluminum, the company offers a comprehensive line of hand trucks, platform trucks, folding trucks, stepladders and multi-functional trucks. With over 20 years of experience, WOODEVER serves a variety of industries, providing durable and versatile solutions with load capacities ranging from 50 kg to 400 kg. This commitment to excellence and innovation makes WOODEVER a trusted partner in improving operational efficiency worldwide.

WOODEVER has been providing customers with material handling solutions, both with advanced technology and over 20 years of experience, WOODEVER ensures that each customer's needs are met.