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Hand Truck Parts & Accessories: Features, Functions, and Applications | best folding carts for logistics

Essential parts and accessories to construct a hand truck dolly trolley - Expert’s guide to choose, and replacement reminder.

Hand Truck Parts & Accessories: Features, Functions, and Applications

Most hand truck owners expect to select the right hand truck parts and accessories for moving or replacement purposes. However, it is easy to become perplexed by the numerous types of dolly accessories available in various sizes, materials, and features. The question is how to decide which one best fits their features, functions, and applications. This article will give you a basic understanding of the essential parts that build a standard hand truck, as well as how to customize these parts to make your hand truck meet your specific handling needs.

29 Nov, 2022 WOODEVER

On the market today, there are numerous types of hand trucks classified by their application, such as household use dollies, industrial trolleys, furniture hand trucks, garden hand trucks, and so on. Despite differences in shape, function, and application, they all share the common handling features of a moving cart. Hand trucks are essentially made up of the following components:

1. Frame

The frame is the main body of the hand truck. This structure contributes to calculating the level of enforcement as well as the capacity of load-bearing. A straight frame with or without crossbars allows the load to lean back against and deal with many high items like wardrobes, and fridges. The frame is mainly made out of aluminum for lightweight, convenient purposes. Steel frames, on the other hand, are preferred when customers need something robust and more durable. When moving goods, the back frame allows goods to lean against it. Assessing the ability of the frame custom to be compatible with the shape of the load, it can be classified into three common types:

Common types of frame for hand truck, dolly cart: steel frame, aluminum frame, curved frame

  • Frame w/ curved bars: These curved bars are as braces to make the back frame completely match the round-shaped goods such as kegs, barrels, and drums.
  • Frame w/ vertical bars: These models are reinforced with one or more vertical posts to deal with a variety of items.
  • Frame w/ both vertical and curved bars: A combination of a long post and curved braces not only makes the frame stronger but also optimizes loading the specific unique items. Additionally, it is normally divided into two kinds of classified criteria based on the made-of-material.
  • Aluminum frame: Lightweight, easy to carry everywhere from warehouse, workshop to house, and display area, it can perform work conveniently. The aluminum frame makes it free of rust and corrosion.
  • Steel frame: Strength and durability features are the most advantages of this material. It operates well in harsh environments and even in strong-impact places. The steel hand truck is suitable for material handling in the manufacturing plant, and processing workshops.

2. Handle/ Handgrip

Performing the gripping act on the handles to push or pull the hand truck movement easily. The handle's position is typical on the top part of the frame. Rubber grips enhance the effectiveness of using the truck during handling.  Depending on the size of the load as well as the specific type of hand truck, there are three main handles that your company can select.

Common types of hand truck handle: single handgrip, dual hand truck, continuous hand grip

  • Straight handle: This type is common with the appearance of a dual handle/single handle with grips (plastic or rubber sleeves). It enables the carrier to transport heavy or pretty tough-to-handle loads.
  • Continuous handle (loop handle): You can easily find them on the top of a hand truck. Its design creates the benefit of delivering tall and high items, or the operator can move the load with one hand. 
  • Telescopic handle: As the name suggests, this handle can adjust to be longer or shorter as per your requirements. It is highly flexible to transport various sizes, from large and tall items to short ones.

3. Nose plate/ Toe

Or called a toe or a base plate because this part is often found at the bottom of a hand truck. The nose plate can slide under the base of the load to perform lifting instead of the manual lift, and the load is placed onto the platform. In addition, the nose is made of aluminum or steel to be compatible with the upright frame. The nose can be classified into two types. Please see the following to go into details.

Hand truck dolly replacement nose plates: flat metal nose, nose with hollow

  • Nose w/hollow: To diversify the maneuvering and make the hand truck weightless. Additionally, this type is commonly made out of aluminum to be compatible with the aluminum upright frame. However, due to the high price of aluminum, the nose plate part is frequently not made in a whole plate to reduce production costs.
  • Nose w/flat metal form: The reinforced structure provides extra strength and more durability. Because of the nose and load base correlation, the nose platforms can extend to deal with large and heavy items.
  • Apart from expenses, there are no obvious distinctions between the two nose plates in terms of use and functionality. Customers generally need the nose plate’s dimensions customized to meet their specific requirements. 

4. Wheels

Typically two wheels are distributed evenly at both sides of the hand truck’s edge. Wheels are one of the most important factors to know how much load can the hand truck carry and how smoothly the hand truck moves. There are many types for you, but choosing the correct wheel type will help increase productivity, reduce time and extend wheel life. 

Hand truck types of wheels for handling items


  • Really perfect for both outdoor and indoor work. 
  • Be able to handle uneven roads, rough terrain, sand, and even hard surfaces like gravel. 
  • Featuring filled with air to provide protection to floors
  • Has better shock absorption for load safety
  • The ability to reduce noise to help improve working conditions

Solid Rubber

  • Being constructed of a special rubber compound
  • Simple structure, and does not require inflating 
  • No dangers of air leakage and puncture
  • Has a longer life than pneumatic tires.
  • Solid tires cannot go flat. 
  • Poor shock absorption ability
  • Maintenance-free
  • Only replace until too much wear-out or damage.  


  • Designed to never go flat. 
  • Retain around 65% of the shock absorption compared to the pneumatic tire
  • Go ride softer than solid tires. 
  • The ability of maneuvering
  • Maintenance free
  • Competitive cost

5. Common Accessories

Except for these hand truck part customization, the solution of adding accessories is to solve many other specific items. Some issues are considered as how to go up or down stairs. How to store in a car trunk, how to deliver big and heavy duty with the bottom of the load larger than usual. Some recommendations that your company can determine are as follows.

Nose extension: To extend the width or depth of the original nose plate, this component allows your platform to hold and load these larger, bulkier, or unique-shaped items effectively. 

Stair climbing casters set: The stair climber provides a great way to move from the floor to upstairs that’s hard to perform with the traditional hand truck but at the same time saves more expenses and keeps the load safe. It normally comes with a set of casters (usually tri casters on each side or a couple of casters added to be compatible with two wheels existing).

Keg hook (stable/ moveable type)Due to the size of the keg, the hook can be used to grab the top hollow safely and firmly. Providing both a stable hook and a moveable hook allows the hand truck to deliver these round-shaped items from mini keg to half keg flexibly.

Briefly, Hand truck customization offers a useful recommendation to any company where transporting and delivering goods are key tasks. Additionally, it provides extra tips on how to conveniently run the entire home.


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