Suggesting guide to select the best metal collapsible dolly from a manufacturing expert. | Innovative Material Handling Solutions by WOODEVER—Built to Last

Best Folding Hand Trucks for Wholesale & Guide To Choose | best folding carts for logistics

Suggesting guide to select the best metal collapsible dolly from a manufacturing expert.

Best Folding Hand Trucks for Wholesale & Guide To Choose

What makes folding hand trucks the preferred choice of suppliers over standard hand trucks?
The operator of a foldable hand truck simply extends the telescoping handle, steps on the nose to fold it out, and loads the packages. A lightweight hand truck or heavy-duty folding dolly is a must-have tool in any household, warehouse, or industrial setting. It is a compact and portable tool for transporting multiple boxes, heavy goods, and large appliances, as well as assisting you when shopping or traveling.

26 Sep, 2022 WOODEVER

Hand trucks, which can move items weighing several hundred pounds, are essential for both home and professional use. The best folding hand trucks are made of durable materials and fold neatly, so they don't take up much space in a garage or storage shed when not in use. When shopping for a folding hand truck, you need to consider many related factors, such as usage, weight capacity, material, wheels, handles, and so on. The following are some tips to select an appropriate folding hand truck that you might need.


How to choose the best metal folding hand trucks dolly for wholesale and mass production

1. Uses

You don't need a heavy-duty dolly if you'll only ever use it for personal items weighing no more than 110 pounds or so. If you intend to move heavy objects weighing more than 500 pounds, you will require something entirely different. There are numerous factors to consider when choosing the best folding hand truck. However, you can simplify it by planning which types of items will be carried by this hand truck; whether it will be used at work or at home; how frequently you intend to use it; and where and how you intend to use it—climbing stairs, inside only, outside only, or both.

2. Weight Capacity

Using an industrial trolley to transport a small package could be a waste of money. Each hand truck has a specific loading capacity for a specific amount of weight. The general loading capacity of this material handling equipment is divided into three levels. 

Light-duty tasks with a loading capacity of less than 100 kg is appropriate for household use, traveling luggage, and so on. 
The collapsible dolly cart can be used for medium-duty tasks weighing less than 200 kg in commercial applications such as offices, restaurants, or laboratories.  
A heavy-duty folding hand truck with a loading capacity of more than 200 kg may be appropriate for industrial applications such as machinery, construction, and warehouses.
It is not always true that the greater the weight capacity, the easier it is to move the items. It is critical to select the appropriate one with a suitable loading capacity.

3. Material

The folding hand truck is made primarily of steel, aluminum, or stainless steel. Steel is long-lasting, rust-resistant, and inexpensive, whereas aluminum is lighter but less long-lasting and expensive. The steel frame and aluminum nose plate are standard on the combination model. The primary distinction between aluminum and steel is that aluminum is metal, while steel is a metal alloy. The following table is our comparison of 3 types of metals normally used to build hand trucks: Steel, Inox Steel, and Aluminum.

Comparison between Steel, Stainless steel and Aluminum - 3 types of metals for building hand trucks

4. Wheels

Together with the frame and nose plate, wheels are among the core components that construct an efficient folding hand truck. There are several options for wheels/tires. Air-filled tires provide a cushion for your load when going over bumps, and they also make getting upstairs and over curbs easier. The disadvantage is that air-filled tires do not roll as well under full load on hard surfaces, and you must maintain the rated pressure. Check out our reviews of the best bike pump and best air compressor to see our suggestions for quick ways to fill a flat tire.

  • Pneumatic wheels, which contain air, provide cushioning for the load. This makes maneuvering the truck upstairs and over curves more convenient. But you’ll need to keep filling the tires with air and keep them at the correct pressure. These tires are excellent for uneven ground like gravel.
  • Solid wheels refer to wheel assemblies that do not have hollow or empty spaces between the tire and wheel. These usually have higher load capacities than a similar pneumatic or semi-rigid wheel; however, this comes at the disadvantage of a harsher ride.
  • Plastic wheels will support the weight capacity of the folding hand truck, but after a while, the sun and changes in temperature will degrade the quality of the tires.
  • Mold-on rubber wheels are lightweight and durable and work nicely on the pavement.
  • Microcellular foam wheels have no air and will never go flat.
  • Balloon cushion tires are lightweight and provide shock absorption.

Common wheels types of hand truck, trolley, dolly, platform cart

5. Other factors

  • Folding function:  Check whether a hand truck that collapses and folds small enough to fit in the trunk of a car or comes in handy when you need to use it away from home. 
  • Nose extension:  Depending on the size of the item to be moved, some nose plates/platforms can be expanded to accommodate larger objects.
  • Height of Hand Truck: Taller folding hand trucks help to avoid back pain. If you choose a hand truck that is too short in height, you need to bend your back down to push, which may cause back pain even in a short period of time.


There is a large selection of folding hand trucks available in the market and WOODEVER provides most of the types. Selected based on the shopping considerations detailed above, together with our B2B customer purchasing references, the following list contains some of the best folding hand truck options on the market in a range of categories.

Best for Multi-purpose - Model WEV-SHT600C01

If you need a folding hand truck that can multi-task and handle a variety of tasks, the Pneumatic Steel 600 lb. 2-In-1 Convertible Hand Truck (WEV-SHT600C01) is the tool for you. This product can quickly transform from a 2-wheel hand truck to a 4-wheel platform cart. It helps prevent packages from falling through or being damaged by using two lengthwise straps and two cross braces.

Best folding hand truck for multi-purposes steel 600lbs

Best for Heavy-Duty - Model WEV-SHT600A01

600lbs Appliance Steel Hand Truck Stair Climber (WEV-SHT600A01) - A great design for moving heavy items like refrigerators, cabinets, or bulky items. When moving large appliances, the buckle on the double-stitched webbed strap adds extra security. Furthermore, large-size equipment with a loading capacity of up to 600 lbs. and a fold-out foot extension are a huge plus to make this appliance hand truck considered a monster to rock every warehouse.

Best folding trolley for heavy duty task industrial warehouse

Best for Stair Climbing - Model WE2012-SC

The smart tri-wheel design of the Dual Handle Folding Steel Stair Hand Truck Factory (Loading 120 kg) (WE2012-SC) makes it easy to ascend and descend stairs, and the rubber wheels roll smoothly on both carpeted and hard surfaces. It is primarily intended for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. The telescoping handle is designed for easy load handling. Soft rubber foam covers the hand grip for comfort and added grip strength.

Best folding stair climbing hand truck steel 6 wheels

Best for Space-Saving - Model WE2012-01

A step ladder with handrails is very convenient and portable. As a result, the 198 lb multi-function dolly with step ladder (WE2012-01) is a fantastic ladder that also serves as a dolly. Each step has a non-slip design that will keep you working safely. It is appropriate for families, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, garages, gardens, and other locations.  Furthermore, a hand truck can be folded and unfolded with your feet in seconds. As a standard hand truck, the folded size is only 8 cm (3.15 inches) wide, allowing for convenient, space-saving shipment.

Best compact and space saving folding steel hand truck

Best at Price - Model WE2012-V-02

If you're on a tight budget, the 150-pound capacity hand cart is an excellent choice (WE2012-V-02). This is one of the most affordable folding hand trucks in our product line, thanks to its lightweight and portable design. The folding pallet and telescopic handle are ideal for storing and transporting in small spaces. The handlebar of the hand truck is ergonomically curved and carefully designed. The fingers fit into the groove of the handlebar when grasping, allowing the user to apply more force and improve the stability of the goods in motion. It is ideal for transporting small items around the house, such as flower pots, small refrigerators, packages, or postal services

cheapest folding hand truck for wholesale, bulk buying with very good price


When selecting a new folding hand truck, there are numerous factors to consider. Here are just some suggestions for you to choose the right one. If you still have questions about folding hand trucks, especially related to wholesale or customization, feel free to contact us.

WOODEVER is among the top leading hand truck manufacturers and suppliers in Taiwan and APAC region. With our slogan “Better solutions come in handy” WOODEVER’s vision is to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions that assist users all over the world transport materials more safely and efficiently.


WOODEVER manufactures and innovates a wide array of hand trucks and platform carts such as upright hand trucks, convertible hand trucks, appliance hand trucks, hand trucks for special purposes, industrial platform carts, etc. Additionally, we offer project services for global sourcing, bulk buying, OEM & ODM, consultation, and customization for business customers. With over 20 years of expertise in the material handling equipment industry, WOODEVER has successfully provided solutions for our 353 clients spanning America, Europe, and Australia.

Please feel free to contact us or learn more about us here:

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