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Collapsible Removable Utility Steel Camping Wagon Cart with Brake and PVC Oxford Fabric - Outdoor all-terrain steel camping trolley with PVC waterproof oxford cloth, foldable design for easy transportation around the world.
  • Collapsible Removable Utility Steel Camping Wagon Cart with Brake and PVC Oxford Fabric - Outdoor all-terrain steel camping trolley with PVC waterproof oxford cloth, foldable design for easy transportation around the world.
  • The camping trolley can be folded down to a small size for storage in all kinds of tight spaces and comes with a storage bag for use.
  • Camping wagon PVC with brakes on the front wheels and 360-degree swivel for all-terrain use.
  • Utility wagon handle is ergonomically designed and can be freely adjusted to the user's operating height and angle.

Collapsible Removable Utility Steel Camping Wagon Cart with Brake and PVC Oxford Fabric


Portable Steel Wagon Cart With All-Terrain Wheel and Ergonomic Handle Wholesaler

WOODEVER, the camping hand truck factory in Vietnam and China, has specially crafted this portable and versatile steel wagon cart for B2B businesses. The frame is constructed with high-quality steel, and at the four support points of the handcart, polyester fiber-made right-angle stabilizers are used to ensure stable assembly. This not only enhances the overall strength of the camping cart but also reinforces the structural stability. The camping handcart features a W-fold design, combined with a detachable woven fabric, allowing for easy storage in various limited spaces and convenient outdoor portability. This unique structure enables quick integration, enhancing flexibility in usage to meet the diverse needs of B2B businesses.


The utility wagon is equipped with four heavy-duty 7-inch PVC wheels. The front wheels are equipped with a safety brake mechanism and possess a 360-degree flexible rotation feature, while the rear wheels are fixed to maintain a straight direction. This ensures excellent maneuverability and stability across various terrains. Additionally, we offer flexible options for businesses, whether they are wholesalers, brand owners, distributors, or retailers across various industries. Depending on market or customer requirements, alternative wheel materials can be selected, providing a range of choices to meet the diverse needs of different application scenarios and offer greater flexibility to customers.

Product Quality

The overall frame of this camping wagon cart is constructed using high-quality metal steel as the raw material, providing exceptional strength, durability, and a stable foundation. To enhance structural strength, we specifically increase the thickness of the metal frame pipes, reinforcing the wagon's structural integrity and improving its load-bearing capacity for prolonged use. The fabric of the camp cart is crafted from double-layered Oxford cloth with a density of 600. This fabric, made from high-quality polyester as the base material, undergoes a tight weave and is composed of high-strength fibers, delivering outstanding wear resistance. This construction effectively prevents the fabric from being cut or punctured during use.

To further enhance protective performance, WOODEVER Hand Truck Factory employs a Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) coating process. This process includes a combination of PVC resin, plasticizers, and curing agents, forming a thin and transparent PVC film on the surface of the Oxford cloth. This not only imparts waterproof, oil-resistant, stain-resistant, and easy-to-clean functionalities to the fabric but also ensures that the camping cart effectively safeguards its contents in adverse weather conditions, preventing moisture or damage. Additionally, Oxford cloth exhibits high processing flexibility, facilitating ease in cutting, sewing, and printing, enabling us to provide diverse custom fabric processing services to manufacturers and meet the unique design needs of customers worldwide.

WOODEVER wagon cart features from WOODEVER Handcart Supplier include the use of PVC Oxford fabric with waterproof functionality. The handcart handle is equipped with a stabilizer to securely fasten, and the wheels are made of PVC silent material, providing 360-degree free rotation and excellent maneuverability.

The wheel size of the camping trolley is 7 inches, crafted with high-quality PVC material that possesses exceptional wear resistance. It can effortlessly handle various terrains, including grass, soil, or gravel, providing stability on uneven surfaces. PVC, being a relatively lightweight material, not only contributes to reducing the overall weight of the handcart but also enhances the convenience of carrying and moving it. Moreover, the PVC wheels exhibit a quiet operation, ensuring no unnecessary noise or interference during movement.

The 7-inch wheels equipped on the WOODEVER camping wagon are meticulously chosen to provide reliable load-bearing capacity. The front wheels feature a 360° rotation capability and a safety brake accessory, ensuring both agility and reliability for the handcart. The rear wheels are fixed to maintain a straight direction, allowing the hand truck to effortlessly navigate narrow or complex terrain while ensuring stable and precise control. If manufacturers have specific requirements and wish to replace the wheels with a different material, we are more than willing to offer the most suitable customized solution.

The size chart for WOODEVER wagon cart from WOODEVER Handcart Supplier illustrates its ability to fold into a compact form for storage in various narrow spaces.

Product Appearance

The exterior of the camping wagon cart features a cross-frame structure complemented by a W-shaped folding design on the sides, allowing for easy folding into a compact size. This maximizes storage space savings, facilitating convenient storage in limited vehicle or warehouse spaces while providing outstanding portability. The front wheels of the hand truck are equipped with a safety braking system, ensuring stable parking when needed and effectively preventing uncontrolled movement. Notably, the unique design of the adjustable handle makes it suitable for users of different heights. The handle can not only be adjusted in height but also offers the flexibility to adjust the pulling angle, enhancing comfort and convenience during use. Furthermore, the handle incorporates an ergonomic finger-friendly design, effectively alleviating user hand fatigue while providing superior control. This enhances the overall user experience, contributing to higher satisfaction levels for B2B customers.

The adjustable handle operation diagram for WOODEVER wagon cart from WOODEVER Handcart Supplier highlights ergonomic grip design and the ability to freely adjust height and angle to meet user needs.

The frame and fabric of the camping wagon cart are designed for detachable assembly. The frame's connection support points utilize high-strength polypropylene (PP) stabilizers, reinforcing and stabilizing all support points of the camping cart. At the top, four connectors allow for the quick assembly or disassembly of the frame and fabric. The removable nature of this structure enables flexible replacement or upgrade of components, further enhancing customization to meet the specific needs of different customers. Additionally, we provide a complimentary waterproof storage bag and bottom panel. The storage bag features a handle design for easy outdoor carrying by users and provides external waterproof and dust protection when storing the camping cart. The included bottom panel serves as a stable support platform for the utility wagon, ensuring that the cargo remains undamaged during movement. This support is particularly crucial when transporting heavier or larger items, effectively enhancing the stability of the camping trolley.

Additional accessories for WOODEVER wagon cart from WOODEVER Handcart Supplier, including the handcart bottom board and storage bag.

Customized Printing Examples

The customization printing sample for WOODEVER wagon cart from WOODEVER Handcart Supplier showcases options for color changes, corporate logo printing, pattern printing, and more.


Item Number MaterialSizeN.WLoading Capacity

Frame: Steel

Fabric: Double-layer PVC Oxford Cloth 600D

Wheels: PVC

Open size: L101 x W49 x H98 cm

Fold size: L35 x W18 x H76 cm

Wheel size: 7 inches (17.78cm)
10.5kg80 kg (176 lbs)
Minimum Order Quantity

500 Pieces

Selection of Components & Accessories

The number of components can be adjusted or added extra accessories according to your requirement, such as caster, bolt, elastic rope, etc. Products are also available for single item orders as replacement or stock for immediate use. WOODEVER offers a selection of hand truck parts such as handles, frames, nose plates, wheels & accessories. The entire structure of the trolley can be customized, by adjusting the size of the metal frame, changing the castors’ type of material, and adding functions to the structure.

OEM & ODM Custom Handling Solutions

Our product advisors will provide a pre-purchase consultation to determine the most cost-effective solution based on your business objectives and industrial applications, whether for warehouse storage, construction, hospitality, or medical applications. WE WILL EXPERTLY HANDLE YOUR CUSTOM TROLLEY BUILD BY: (1) Understanding what the product must do (2) Understanding what environment the product will be working in (3) Balancing the budget and build (4)Maintaining a focus on function and longevity.

Packaging and Labeling For Bulk Buying

Our existing designed models are ready to be mass-produced in large quantities. Contact us for an unbeatable deal if your minimum number of quotations is 500 pieces. Aside from hand truck design customization, we also offer labeling services for your own brands by imprinting our company logo on products as well as packaging following clients' requirements. WOODEVER is proud to be positioned as a trusted B2B partner in the material handling equipment industry for decades.

WOODEVER is among the top leading hand truck manufacturers and suppliers in Taiwan and APAC region. With our slogan “Better solutions come in handy” WOODEVER’s vision is to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions that assist users all over the world transport materials more safely and efficiently.



WOODEVER manufactures and innovates a wide array of hand trucksplatform carts, and step ladders. Additionally, we offer project services for global sourcing, bulk buying, OEM & ODM, consultation, and customization for business customers. With over 20 years of expertise in the material handling equipment industry, WOODEVER has successfully provided solutions for our 353 clients spanning America, Europe, and Australia.

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WOODEVER has a headquarter in Taichung city, Taiwan, and 2 manufacturing factories in China and Vietnam.
Our factories are BSCI certificated and fully equipped with metal and plastic fabrication machines for CNC plasma cutting, drill pressing, metalworking lathes, welding, hydraulic stamping, plastic injection, powder coating, and more to meet the demand of 50,000 units monthly.

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Collapsible Removable Utility Steel Camping Wagon Cart with Brake and PVC Oxford Fabric | Boost Your Operations with WOODEVER’s Professional Hand Trucks and Platform Carts

Woodever Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading Taiwanese manufacturer specializing in material handling equipment. With over 20 years of experience, they offer customized solutions including Collapsible Removable Utility Steel Camping Wagon Cart with Brake and PVC Oxford Fabric, hand trucks, platform trucks, step trucks, folding trucks, and multi-function trucks. Their products are essential to industries such as logistics, retail, and hospitality, improving the efficiency and safety of operations.

WOODEVER Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality material handling equipment. Specializing in products made of heavy-duty steel, stainless steel and lightweight aluminum, the company offers a comprehensive line of hand trucks, platform trucks, folding trucks, stepladders and multi-functional trucks. With over 20 years of experience, WOODEVER serves a variety of industries, providing durable and versatile solutions with load capacities ranging from 50 kg to 400 kg. This commitment to excellence and innovation makes WOODEVER a trusted partner in improving operational efficiency worldwide.

WOODEVER has been providing customers with material handling solutions, both with advanced technology and over 20 years of experience, WOODEVER ensures that each customer's needs are met.