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  • U Haul Welded Steel Industrial Stair Hand Truck (Loading 200 KG)
    U Haul Welded Steel Industrial Stair Hand Truck (Loading 200 KG)

    The new type of industrial hand truck WE2012-SC-C1 is capable of moving large heavy objects on stairs, steps, and curbs. Featuring folding design becomes heavy-duty but not sizeable, ideal to carrying around in the car boot, makes the job quicker and easier in anywhere. The stair climbing hand trolley manufactured from strong tubular steel makes a sturdy welded frame, gives a 200kg (440.92lbs) maximum load capacity, which is durable enough for professionals. The twin handle design to hold the truck in different positions, ensuring a firm grip while moving up and down on stairs. Also, two-level telescopic handle makes size flexible and with safety lock gives extra security during transport. The triple wheels designed specifically for use on stairs, which is in 6” extra-large size, it is more durable to carry heavy items and easy maneuver when climbing, the material of wheel adopts high elasticity TPR, reducing the shaking when moving up and down. Every single detail designed to satisfy commercial and industrial applications, for house moving, material handling, courier delivery, and more situation needs to move up and down, reducing injury risk to secure the safety of each user.

  • Simple Lightwight Steel Hand Truck (Loading 60 KG)
    Simple Lightwight Steel Hand Truck (Loading 60 KG)

    The household lightweight hand truck - WE2012-TNS compact steel trolley – is capable of loading up to 60kg (132lbs), ideal for personal household use such as storage box moving, grocery shopping and more. Folding steel portable compact hand truck is manufacture by strong Q235 steel both in tube and nose plate, because of the lightweight structure, it weight 2.8 kg can easily carry to places. When loading the small item, M shape frame at the bottom gives support to things, avoid sliding away from the back. Also, with folding design, it only requires just 0.02 cubic meters storage place, therefore suitable for a single condo to a family house. Secondly, 5"(13cm) wheels are made of sturdy PP axis with EVA rim, we take advantage of the elasticity, it absorbs the shock then enhances the overall stability of the hand truck, and its softness will not scratch the floor at home. The hand truck integrates the characteristic of lightweight, foldable and portable, making it ideal to handling housework. Unlike other lightweight folding hand truck, we promise to engineer better hand trolley that beyond the standard, WE2012-TNS is GS certificate issued via TUV, guarantee its durable and capability.

  • Folding Steel Industrial Sturdy Hand Truck (Loading 100 kg)
    Folding Steel Industrial Sturdy Hand Truck (Loading 100 kg)

    Folding industrial steel hand trolley is totally designed and manufactured in our tens of thousands square meter plant. The hand trolley is made overall hard steel and resistant plastic components. The model is allowed to load maximum 100 kg and weighs 5.5 kg only. Main characteristic of the folding hand truck is heavy-duty, lightweight and easy storage. As a result of collapsible handle design, folding hand truck can be portable, stow away easily. With an additional rubber tube on the top of handle, it makes users operate hand trolley comfortably and ergonomically as well. Folding steel industrial hand truck is completely TUV/GS standard approval. Test report and certificate is available for evaluation before order. We accept several items combined in a container as a shipment once minimum volume request fulfilled.

  • Folding Steel Portable Dual Grip Hand Truck (Loading 130 kg)
    Folding Steel Portable Dual Grip Hand Truck (Loading 130 kg)

    Steel folding hand trolley with grip is featuring dual folding handle grip for better control while moving. It is 130 kg capacity available with GS mark certified Steel hand cart is mainly designed and manufactured for a wide range of demand including import company of miscellaneous tools, DIY chain stores, wholesalers and e-commerce. Regular packaging of steel foldable cart is multiple pieces in a master box and each piece packed with shrink wrap. Besides, we also accept customized pack, such as individual pack, mail order specific pack, etc. The production plant is fully BSCI certificate approved factory, we are eligible OEM partner of a variety of hand truck that customer can rely on.

  • Dual Handle Folding Steel Stair Hand Truck (Loading 120 kg)
    Dual Handle Folding Steel Stair Hand Truck (Loading 120 kg)

    Folding steel stair-climbing hand trolley is engineered with high quality steel tube as major material with industrial grade 6-wheels. The maximum loading capacity 120 kg is far beyond average while weighing 16 kg. The model is very different from other similar stair-climbing hand truck, as a result of steel tube has a better strengthen than aluminum tube which is able to bear heavier loading. It is designed mostly for household, commercial usage and even more for industrial. In this way, our major customers are workplace wholesaler or retailer, workshop DIY equipment dealers, plumbing supply shops, hypermarket, cross-border business and much more. Full range of hand trolley can be partly customized or a whole OEM project in our total solution factory. Our experienced R&D team will take responsibility to develop ideal, customized product to meet highly satisfaction of customer worldwide.

  • Welded Industrial Steel Hand Truck (Loading 200 kg)
    Welded Industrial Steel Hand Truck (Loading 200 kg)

    How the WE 2012-HL-P welded sack truck become the essential industrial equipment? In the industrial workplace, workers frequently lift for material, packaging and finished product in bulk quantity. Moving by hand alone risks musculoskeletal injury (manual handling injury) which is harmful to workers, not only increase injury risk also reduce production efficiency. With heavy-duty and sturdy structure, the sack truck makes daily work much easier and much safer too. WOODEVER provides full range of sack truck to satisfy material handling needs for customers. The WE2012-HL-P sack truck keeps old-style sturdy continuous frame integrating new folding feature, enable to save more space for storage also capable of handling heavy materials. Through the powder coating of steel frame and die-casted plate, the sack truck is more resistant to chipping, scratching and rusting to keep structure durable. As we understand material handling task consuming a lot of physical energy, WOODEVER aims to provide the ergonomic sack truck to achieve the best effort saving, therefore reduce repetitive work injuries (RSI). The dual handle padded anti-skid PP provides comfortable grip from different angles when loading heavy industrial supply also reduces the risk of your hands slipping away. To provide steady move during transport, the hand truck equipped 10" big pneumatic wheels suitable for uneven rough terrain as well as on flat hard floors, even can cross stairs, steps, and curbs. Steel bearing reduce rubbing against the wheel center, gives smooth transportation when loading heavy items. Maximum loading 200 kg with wheel guards, which protect loads from rubbing against the hand truck wheels, capable to loads objects in large and wide shape and weights perfectly, ideal to fulfil transport needs for industrial.

  • Aluminum Climbing Trolley with Elastic Cord (Loading 70 kg)
    Aluminum Climbing Trolley with Elastic Cord (Loading 70 kg)

    The aluminum stair climbing hand truck – WE2012-SC-MN allows users to climb stairs with effortless carry, is capable to step stair with object up to 70KG (154lbs), easy to going up and down. The six wheels hand trolley can move and climb on carpet, concrete, wood, grass and more. With lightweight feature and foldable design, it is an ideal handy tool for daily work. The hand truck with useful stair climbing function makes it become one of our popular models, each connection point of frame has been strengthened, create sturdy and solid features for long-term use. The hand truck featuring stair climbing capability with double hand grip for your easy maneuver. With foldable TPR wheels, it can be easily used to carry objects on all kinds of terrains. Solid aluminum used frame is lightweight and heavy-duty, it only weighs 3.5 kg and thickness 10 cm as folded. Both simply storage and usage. Before delivery, each product is cautiously inspected through complete quality control processes and well-packed. We accept partly customization on plastic parts colorway and packaging free of charge if customer’s order volume meets the required quantity.

  • Foldable Aluminum Stair-Climbing Hand Truck (Loading 75 kg)
    Foldable Aluminum Stair-Climbing Hand Truck (Loading 75 kg)

    The aluminum material-handling hand truck – WE2012-SC-MNA stair climbing & foldable sack truck, is capable to step stair with object up to 75KG (165Lbs), easy to maneuver over uneven surfaces. Six wheels folding cart originated and inspired from normal folding aluminum hand truck. Our product development redesigned to create a folding cart which easily moving up and down on stairs. With unique 6-wheels design, folding convertible 6-wheels hand truck can easily carry objects on different terrains, with non-skid TPR wheel, stair climbing hand truck works on carpet, concrete, grass, wood and more surfaces. The WE2012-SC-MNA portable stair climbing hand truck adopt solid aluminum frame, featuring lightweight and keep heavy-duty simultaneously, it only weighs 3.2 kg. Also, with foldable wheel, its thickness only 10cm as folded, therefore suitable for small agency to large intuition. Telescoping handle in three level, extend from 63cm (24” inches) to 100cm (39" inches), reduce manual handling risks for every employee in workplace WOODEVER’s hand truck meet the global stander; export to European, Asia, South America and other region. Before delivery, each of product is cautiously inspected through complete quality control process and well-packed.

  • Folding Aluminum Heavy-duty Industrial Hand Truck (Loading 120 kg)
    Folding Aluminum Heavy-duty Industrial Hand Truck (Loading 120 kg)

    Folding aluminum heavy-duty hand truck is consisted of qualified aluminum alloy and steel iron. We take advantage of aluminum alloy frame features light but strong, it is able to load up to 120 kg which fulfills industrial grade for a universe usage. In addition, sturdy steel nose plate measures 41.5 x 24.5 cm. It is wide to carry nearly everything on the hand truck. With a pair of 6 inch castors (15cm) of wheel, hand truck works smooth and steady on different terrains. Folding cart performs excellent functionality for various purposes without safety issue. It is basically saleable among home improvement shop, logistics supply store dealer, comprehensive tool shop, hypermarket and etc. Aluminum folding hand truck has been approved by GS certificate. Quality of massive production is trustworthy. Folding hand cart is available to proceed with customized packaging depends on different request

  • Folding Aluminum Lightweight Hand Truck (Loading 90 kg)
    Folding Aluminum Lightweight Hand Truck (Loading 90 kg)

    We design and manufacture folding aluminum lightweight hand truck according actual requirements of easy operation, heavy-duty and lightweight. Aluminum hand cart is engineered with square aluminum tube, sturdy platform and industrial grade castors. With knock-down wheel made from EVA and TPR, aluminum hand cart performs nicely on many different terrains. Overall weight is 4.8 kg which loads maximum 90 kg. Folding aluminum lightweight hand truck fully comply with certificate of GS mark of Europe standard. We are the one-stop solution of hand trolley manufactory and exporter. Except ODM, Woodever team will dedicate to develop your products as throughout customization in our BSCI plant. From molding, sampling and repeat testing till massive production. Choose Woodever as a long-term partner, our goal is ensuring your business profitable.

  • Folding Aluminum Household Hand Truck (Loading 75 kg)
    Folding Aluminum Household Hand Truck (Loading 75 kg)

    Folding aluminum household hand truck features light in total weight and heavy-duty loading in capacity. Furthermore, it is very easy both usage and storage. Extensible handle and foldable castors facilitate time and space saving. In spite of net weight 3 kg, aluminum household hand truck is 75 kg loading available. Aluminum tube of folding aluminum household hand truck with extra reinforced steel tube inside which enhances strength and safety of the hand trolley Overall configuration and functionality of folding aluminum household hand truck is GS approved via TUV laboratory examination. We are pleased to assist you on customized packaging of hand trolleys. Our experienced sales team will integrate packaging suppliers to create your own private packing design for sales purposes.

  • Folding Aluminum Commercial Multi-Purpose Hand Truck (Loading 200 kg)
    Folding Aluminum Commercial Multi-Purpose Hand Truck (Loading 200 kg)

    Folding aluminum commercial multi-purpose hand truck is available for a variety of purposes including household, garden, logistics, material handling and much more heavy-duty loading purposes. Aluminum folding hand trolley weights 10.5 kg and loads 200 kg as industrial grade due to solid air-crafted material. It is designed for easy operated and storage oriented. Overall collapsible aluminum frame can be extended fully in a sec. Additional grip handles are not only practical but offering more safety. Besides, hand truck is also featuring oversized 8 inch castors with bearing. It used polypropylene axis and TPR as rim. Folding aluminum hand trolley is fully GS mark approved without secured problem.

  • Folding Aluminum Utility Hand Truck (Loading 150 kg)
    Folding Aluminum Utility Hand Truck (Loading 150 kg)

    Folding aluminum utility hand truck is featuring light of total weight and heavy-duty of capacity. It is designed for multiple purposes no matter indoor or outdoor. Most of users utilize it onto different objects carrying, grocery shopping, material handling and much more. Aluminum utility folding hand truck is majorly crafted with sturdy aluminum tube. Every single joint of hand truck is connected with bolts, screws and extra embedded steel tube for more safety and stability. Besides, measurement of bottom steel platform is 35 x 48.5 cm. Oversized design performs exceptionally for various of objects loading. Pair of EVA caster is knock-down design, it could save entire capacity of exporting carton for more room of container load. In general, hand trolley is multiple units in a master box. Individual box or other customized pack is workable.

  • Folding Aluminum Portable Lightweight Hand Truck (Loading 80 kg)
    Folding Aluminum Portable Lightweight Hand Truck (Loading 80 kg)

    Folding aluminum portable lightweight hand truck is engineered with quality aluminum alloy from handle to bottom plate. It is featuring compact, light and simply storage. Folding aluminum personal portable hand truck is commonly used to load material, various goods, groceries and much more. It can benefit technician, plumber, DIY lovers, elderly to reduce the burden and its health risk while moving heavy-duty objects. In addition, hand trolley is designed to carry over 80 kg and only weighs 4 kg. A pair of large TPR + PP caster provide stability and agility wherever the hand truck operated Thus, folding hand trolley is saleable among wholesaler, online shops and retailers because of compact design, small capacity and indispensable functionality.. We accept partly customization on plastic parts colorway and packaging if customer’s order volume meets required quantity

  • Steel Industrial Platform Cart, Foldable Handle, Pneumatic Big Wheels ( Loading 300 KG)
    Steel Industrial Platform Cart, Foldable Handle, Pneumatic Big Wheels ( Loading 300 KG)

    The steel platform trolley – WE2012-PTP capable to makes things stay on the platform during transport. 300kg (661lbs) industrial level capacity with pneumatic wheels allows users to carry large heavy objects in stable control. The foldable push cart features anti-skid PVC pad on platform so things will not slide around the bed during transport, secure items safely. In addition, perimeter bumper on the platform cover sharp edge reduces the possibility to scuff things around, or scratch the people nearby, keep away from risk of injury and save extra damage spending. Equipping pneumatic wheels absorb shock and reduce vibration; also scaled up to raise the entire platform, reducing scuff and bruise on the bottom, the bearing of wheels is galvanized, making it not easy to corrode or rust. All specially designed for outdoor terrain, to use on grass, mud, gravel ground, and other bumping roads. Two wheels are rotatable for easy maneuverability, with brake prevent automatically move while loading heavy objects, strengthening the protection in the workplace.

  • 3-Steps Ladder Cart 2-IN-1 Convertible Multi-Function Step Stool
    3-Steps Ladder Cart 2-IN-1 Convertible Multi-Function Step Stool
    WE2012-01 (Ladder)

    The steel convertible step ladder – WE2012-01 two in one foldable ladder & hand truck is capable to moving item also can be step stool loading up to 135 kg (297 lbs), easy access higher places like shelves, ceiling or windows.

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WOODEVER INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., since 2003, is a handtruck, cart and step ladder supplier and manufacturer based in Taiwan and manufacturing in China with BSCI certification.

WOODEVER's folding platform cart, the wide and sturdy steel or aluminum platform is normally 100 - 300 kg loading capacity and the range is approved by TUV with GS mark. Each component of the steel hand truck, including bolt, rivet and plastic parts, are precise. Patented design 2-in-1 Step Ladder & Cart features two indispensable functions; it holds 135 kg as a step ladder, and has a maximum loading capacity of 90 kg as a cart. Both are available for home improvement and commercial applications.

WOODEVER has been offering customers high-quality handtruck, cart and step ladde, both with advanced technology and over 15 years of experience, WOODEVER ensures each customer's demands are met.

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