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【Handling Tool Product Knowledge 】Should I Rent Or Buy A Moving Trolley? 3 Point To Decide Which Is Best.

Most of the life moving can be done by two hands, but when the items are too large or too heavy to carry by two hands or item in large quantities, many people will start to consider using tools to assist,. When you decide to use moving tools, have you had a hard time to make a decision between renting and buying? There are three main factors to find the best solution for you!

13 Apr, 2021 WOODEVER
Frequency of use

How long will you continue to use your trolley after you own it? If it is to be used for temporary and occasional situations, such as a long-term once house moving, seasonal order increments, short-term projects, etc., renting would be the ideal choice, not only for more flexibility in the use of funds, but also don't need to worry about storage space for the idle period. When the frequency of use is long-term and regular, then you can consider the purchase program, the purchase of moving trolley not only don't have return time restrictions, the cost will also be much more ideal than the rental.

Type of goods

The size and shape of the items carry on a moving dolly can also be a factor in purchasing or renting a trolley! If you are transporting a variety of things and the shape is irregular, need to alternate between upright and panel trolleys, renting can replace the trolley according to the loading items, don’t need to restrict on one model. if you find that the trolley does not meet your own use, you can replace it; if you move the same items regularly for a long time, especially high risk raw materials such as medical materials, choose to buy a trolley you will be able to keep track of the maintenance and parts replacement records, so that you can better understand the condition of the trolley and use it more safely!

Capital Considerations

When you buy equipment, from the financial point of view of assets and liabilities, the expenses become negative costs in accounting, and there is an invisible pressure on the company's capital. Using the rental method can make the use of funds more flexible, when you start to use the trolley, it means that the expenses also start to recovered and cost divided in the daily revenue. Compared to renting with fixed rate, the purchase of a moving trolley can be a long-term stable distribution of revenue; the cost will be more effective than renting.

Trolley rental may not be popular in some countries, but with an average of 36,000 trolley rentals per month in the U.S., the rental option is quite popular. Make your choice based on the above usage scenarios to make your project more profitable.

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