Company Profile

Hand truck, storage and organization solution manufacturer.

Hand truck, storage and organization solution manufacturer.

Company Profile

Expert of Handling Tool and Hand Truck Manufacturing - WOODEVER INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.

Our Mission

WOODEVER manufactured full range of manual handling tools: hand truck, platform cart, hand trolley, sack truck, push cart, hand truck components and patented ladder cart, providing services for worldwide customer global sourcing, purchasing, bulk buying, OEM and ODM project since 2003. We dedicate to provide quality products comply with national safety regulations and comprehensive service toward a total solution factory of hand trucks in the industry.

WOODEVER take safety as priority, therefore we offer qualified product and employee work in a secured environment as well. We are BSCI manufacturer as a liability and social responsibility factory. For products, full range hand truck is GS certificated approved by trusted institution among the world.

As a certificated hand truck factory, all production processes are done in-house from prototype design, sample molding to massive production. We have completed process equipment: sheet metal press machine, welding equipment, powder coating line and cutting machine creates steel frame with very low tolerances and plastic injection machine for producing various styles of plastic parts: tread, hand grips, connected parts ensure a consistent size to consistent quality.  Except for production processes, WOODEVER also concentrates on raw material selection, quality inspection of every section until container loading before shipment by loading capacity test, operate function check to after-sale services. WOODEVER persists in offering customers prompt, efficient services and satisfy quality.

Future Vision

WOODEVER continuously stick to our vision value toward every customer "Better solution comes in handy, handling more them you though”. Developing an excellent, smarter, handy, and safe handling tool to solve problems and make life more convenient for each user. We sincerely welcome diverse product requests to fulfill customers' ideas and expectations based on trusted service and premium quality.

Vietnam Factory

In response to the international situation, WOODEVER has set up a new supply chain in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam. Introducing automatic facilities for lean production, the factory is now in production, with preferential export tariffs in Vietnam, it will be able to meet the demand of the US and EU markets.

  • Total floor area: 30,000 square meters
  • Location: Binh Duong Province, Vietnam, Nam Tan Uyen Expanded Industrial Zone,
  • Number of employees: 177 employees
  • Certified production facility.
  • Organized production management system and a safe working environment.
  • Experienced R&D team.
  • Innovative capability.
  • Continuous quality improvement policy.
  • Complete quality control.
  • On-time delivery.
  • Comprehensive services.

View of production facility

WOODEVER dedicates to develop, innovate and manufacture full range of hand truck, storage and organization product over decades.